Matthew J. Egan
“They Gather to Discuss the Power of POW and the Wonder of WOW”
Four Color Plate Lithography | Digital Assistance of color
12 ˝” x 12 ˝” (32cm x 32cm)
Part of the POW WOW: A Conversation in Print Print Portfolio presented at the Print Dialogue Days.Organized by April Flanders, Appalachian State University, NC USA.
• Portfolio Participants: William Clements | Matthew Egan | April Flanders | Beth Grabowski | Matt Liddle | Scott Ludwig,| Althea Murphy-Price | Judith O'Rourke
Prints! Pow! Wow! A Conversation in Print | October 5 – January 19, 2008
Curator: April Flanders, Assist Professor of Printmaking, Appalachian State University
• Turchin Center for the Visual Arts, Mayer Gallery, Boone, NC USA

This Print has also been show at the following exhibitions and venues:
The 28th CCA Juried Exhibition | Kinston Art Center, Kinston, NC USA | February 28 – May 8, 2009
On The Wall: Emerging ENC | Spring 2009
• Emerge Gallery, Greenville, NC USA | Second Place Award
Art at the X National Juried Exhibition | October 2008 |
• Xavier University Art Gallery, Cincinnati, OH USA
Minnesota National Print Biennial 2008 | October 2008
• Katherine E.Nash Gallery Regis Center for Arts
21st Parkside National Small Print Exhibition | Feb 2008 |
• University of Wisconsin-Parkside, WI USA

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