Matthew J. Egan
"Hung: Despite Their Quest for the Meaning of Life""Cows, Calves, Cattle, and The Running Bull""Spiral""Ducks, and Toy Trucks""Walking Stick Waltzing by""Astro-not and Dresses"Men With Big Hats"Battle Between Nations"Attempting to Discern No. 4Attempting to Discern No. 3Attempting to Discern No. 2Attempting to Discern no.1Untitled"I am the Confabulator"untitleduntitled"Bring Out Your Dead""Divine Bovine"Doll and Deities “Dolls and Deities”EaglemanGlory Be to the Pig and the SheepRemember Everything You KnowGlobalizationIntroverted RhetoricDiscombobulationBig Frog
'Random Order' Prints / Implications