Matthew J. Egan
"A Treaty, the Dollar, Bifocals and Balloon Disasters of 1785""You Are What You Eat""Umbrella Man""It Cost Him His Right Arm""Ghosts and Goblins""The Elephant in the Room""Amelia and Irene""They're Listening""Difference Machine - 1822" "Hey George, the ocean called""Issued Upon Arrival"“Passing Time”“Extra-Ordinary Bird”“Survaillance”“Just One More Tug”"Divergence, Convergence and Apparel"“The Anatomy of an Horfe” “Waiting for Reformation”"The _Procedures_ of Paddling to Another Planet”*“Divergence, Convergence, and Apparel”“They Gather to Discuss the Power of POW and the Wonder of WOW”“Anatomists, Scribers, and Printers”“The Draped Divide”“Leonardo’s Will”“What is Philosophy ?”“Pier Leone Ghezzi”"Lo Specchio Dell'Evo Borghese"
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"Barriers""Altus Mutus Liber"
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James O'Ganolley Book Page print
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