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"Issued Upon Arrival"
"Issued Upon Arrival"
Four Plate Lithograph via Digitally Assisted films

Print completed for a national Invitational exchange portfolio organized by Shaurya Kumar the then Assistant Professor of 2D-Digital at Bowing Green University.

“The project ‘Migratory Adaptations’ brings together artists from various countries that have migrated to foreign land for varied reasons and are currently living and practicing art. Each
artist is free to discuss this issue in their own right and can examine the manner in which this migration has affected and influenced them as an artist, educator and person.” The migratory Adaptations Portfolio will be on view at Columbia College during the Southern Graphics Conference March 24-29, 2009. Portfolio Participants include: • The list of invited artists:
May Hariri Aboutaam | Justin Diggle | Matt Egan | Ina Kaur | Shaurya Kumar | Jimin Lee | Heather Muise | Karen Oremus | Saritdikhun Somasa | Francisco Souto | Koichi Yamamoto

“Issued Upon Arrival” illustrates the rations give to my immigrating family upon arriving on Grosse Isle in Canada. Although I now find myself residing in the US, the odd chain of events landed my family on the boat going to Canada, rather than its sister ship destined for Ellis Isle