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“The Draped Divide”
“The Draped Divide”
Offset Lithography
11” x 15” (28cm x 38cm)

Plates generated from digital color. Included in the On the Edge Portfolio presented at the IMPACT 4 Conference in Berlin, Germany in August 2005. The portfolio is held in the permanent collections of the University of Arizona Museum of Art Print Collection (pending) and National Museum in Poznan, Poland

Description of the portfolio: “The twenty international artists participating in the portfolio are invited to reflect on their own interpretations of the theme and asked to consider the formal, artistic, personal, social and/or political aspects of the word “edge”. How can artists integrate the edges of the printing surface/paper to inform the concept of the image? What does it mean for printmaking students to be on the verge of their professional careers? What is the significance of globalization and the disappearance of borders between countries, cultures and ideas? All participants are also encouraged to show “On the Edge” in their respective countries to promote contact between cultures on a global scale.” http://web.utk.edu/~imprint/Cepek-Wilson.html